capSpire Administration Support Tool

The goal of the capSpire Administration Support Tool (cAST) is to provide an easier way of accessing Allegro instances without requiring DBA accounts and direct database access by using standard Allegro Web Services, therefore also supporting cloud Installs. The design objective was to provide a single executable that is easily deployable, pre configurable and observes Allegro security providing clients complete control of what the tool is permitted to access.

Allegro Version Agnostic

Allegro 7739.x -> 9901.x
Horizon 112.x - 145.x

No Database Access Required

Uses Standard Allegro Web Services

Cloud Ready

Supports HTTP/HTTPS and compression

Access Allegro Data

Functionality targeted at making back-end data access simpler

SQL Query, SQL Query Compare, Sort Views

Data Editor (Live Data Aware), Execute Scripts


Tools to help analyse data in Allegro.

Position Valuation (Why won't this value), Trade Compare, Valuation Compare

Document Browser, View Dependency, What Changed

Price Analysis, Quick Stats


Tools to support the Allegro Developer

Code Profile Helper, Class Event Viewer, Class Event Management

Error Parser, SMTP Server Emulator, SQL Trace, UI Events

URL Trade, Web Service Browser, XML DataSet Viewer, XML Editor

Compare Between Allegro Environments

Powerful environment comparison tools.

Visual Model, Data Model, Class Events, Templates

SQL Query Compare, Trade Compare, Valuation Compare

Data Transfer

Basic Export and Import of Trades to from Excel

Export Trades

Import Trades


Check Allegro Health and Status.

Grid Log, Grid Queue Summary, Performance Dashboard

App Server Health, Data Model Health, DbSysGen Health


Tools to support user management

User Management, User Overview

Message/Disconnect Users, Security Matrix

Allegro Objects

Useful Allegro information

Shortcut Keys

Data Tables, Data Views

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Tools to set up cmd line shortcut and rename data

Shortcut Parameter - Generate CMD Line

Rename Sensitive Data - Anonymize script

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